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Avocats Sans Frontières France, renews efforts to curb torture practices in Nigeria.

Press Release – Avocats Sans Frontières France / Lawyers Without Borders France

Abuja, February 11, 2014

Following a successful three year run of the United Nations Convention against Torture Promotion and Implementation for its enjoyment by the Nigerian Civil Society, (ProCAT), Avocat Sans Frontières France (ASF France) in partnership with the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) is organising a three day training session for local judicial actors in Kaduna and Plateau state.

 ProCAT is a human rights oriented project being implemented by Avocats Sans Frontières France (ASF France) essentially to foster the knowledge of the principles of the United Nations Convention against torture (UNCAT) among local judicial actors with the view of making them avid custodians and promoters of the principles. The project revolves around dispelling the practice of using torture as a tool for obtaining evidence used in criminal proceedings.

It is designed to enhance access to legal services for detainees and inmates in Nigerian prisons and in addition seeks to ensure the eradication of all forms of ill treatment in the course of judicial action. 

The ProCAT training session commenced in Plateau State on the 10th of February and will round up on the 12th of February, while the training session in Kaduna state is set to take place between the 24th and 26th of February 2014. The training session will target stakeholders drawn from the Judiciary, Prisons, Police, National Human rights Commission, Nigerian Bar Association and Legal Aid Council of Nigeria.

ASF France and its partners have registered significant success stories on Fundamental Human Rights enforcement and protection for torture victims since 2009. Lawyers now have precious jurisprudence to further enhance the respect of human rights.

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