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The Southern Kaduna Killings.

Southern Kaduna is a community in Kaduna state, Nigeria; they are predominantly Christians, Southern Kaduna has experienced violent attacks from armed herdsmen for years without a sustainable solution.

This conflict has killed many; victims are mostly women, children, and old people. Owing to these facts the Nigerian government, community leaders, religious leaders, security agencies have failed to find a lasting solution to this conflict. Since the beginning of this crisis many recommendations have been made, a commission of inquiry set up as well as conflicts resolutions team towards ending the conflict yet the crisis persists, lives lost and properties burnt to ashes.

In a bit to seek for help and solution, the southern Kaduna women went into the streets naked to protest the continued killings, some of the women recount their ordeal from the hands of their attackers, the conflict has taken away their husbands, children, breadwinners and has made of them widows. Their livelihood was taken away including their farmlands.

The need to end the southern Kaduna killings and conflict has become paramount owing to the long history of violent attacks from armed Fulani herdsmen in this region. This crisis is largely believed to be politically and religiously motivated while others believed it is due to land dispute as to the Fulani community in the southern Kaduna region vehemently said they are not settlers but indigenes. These arguments by the Hausa Fulani community in the southern kahuna often result in a crisis that has lingered for years with no sustainable solution.

Government inability to end the southern Kaduna killings and failure to bring perpetrators to justice has largely question the will of the government to end the southern Kaduna killings which has displaced thousands of vulnerable people from their homes.

The inability of the government to end the southern Kaduna killings further raises questions about the competency of the security forces to end the killing, survivors still live in fear knowing fully well that their killers are still out there.  

This development has made many concern Nigerians and human rights defenders to further criticize the Nigerian government for lack of will to bring sustainable solution to the southern Kaduna killings.

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