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What we do

We are committed to the entrenchment of democracy, rule of law and socio-economic development of women, the poor, and marginalized populations in Nigeria. This is achieved through Legal Literacy, Monitoring & Documentation of Human Rights violations, Free Legal Services, Advocacy, and Capacity Building.

Legal Literacy Campaign: This is carried out on our target groups in order to sensitize them on their rights and what to do when these rights are violated; This is also to enable our target group to recognize violations when they occur and report for documentation and possible legal assistance.

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Monitoring and Documentation of Human Rights Violations:

We monitor, document, and analyze rights violations of our target groups and our reports are used for programming and interventions by both Government and Non-Governmental bodies in Nigeria.


Free Legal Assistance: We offer free legal services to deserving cases where violations are reported. Our free legal services also cover referrals from NGOs and Government Institutions. Beneficiaries of our legal services are Women and Girls suffering violence, Prisoners, Persons Living with HIV, Sexual Minorities, Sex workers, Persons with Disabilities, Persons Who Use Drugs, Slum Dwellers, etc

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Advocacy:We engage in advocacy towards policy and law reforms. Our advocacy is based on our findings from our published reports. This is often in partnership with key influencers, local, and community groups.

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Capacity Building/Movement Building: We build the capacity of our partners within communities so as to strengthen them for effective delivery on their mandate. We also build capacity of state agencies, especially in the health sector. We also are involved in movement building on key issues e.g. petty offenses and SRHR.

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