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About us

Headquartered in Nigeria, Lawyers Alert is a legal and human rights organization operating in six African countries: Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. We are a non-partisan and non-profit organization comprised of lawyers and other professionals committed to ensuring security and access to justice, promoting health rights, advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR), and fostering socio-economic development, with a special focus on women and other vulnerable groups.

Our Vision

A world where women and vulnerable groups are free from injustice.

Our Mission

To empower women and vulnerable groups through knowledge of their rights and accessible means of enforcing the same.

Our Objectives

To research, document violations, intervene and carry out advocacy on women's rights with a focus on Gender-Based Violence and SRHR.

To create awareness on, monitor, document,  and publicise violations against Persons Affected by TB, Persons Living With, Affected By & Most at Risk of HIV Infection in Nigeria.

To build the capacity of vulnerable and excluded groups/communities to demand and enjoy their rights including the provision of free legal services.

To work with the government at all levels to promote policies and practices that strengthen the legal system and guarantee a free and independent Justice Sector.

Our Vision

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