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Inclusive development should guarantee the rights of all people based on strong and inclusive instit

Desarrollo Inclusivo por Vladimir Olarte

Desarrollo Inclusivo

Development of a country is a process, not just an end. To be successful this process must involve economic as well as political, social and environmental dimensions, combining State, market and society. In this respect Professor José Antonio Ocampo (2012) shares the following: “Trying to move forward without the State leads to unstable or unfair results. Trying to suppress markets leads to serious inefficiencies and loss of momentum. And trying to ignore social actors that play an essential role in national and local levels, impede the necessary legitimacy for successful policy formulation.” Similarly, this process must be regulated and led by strong and inclusive political and economic institutions.

The goal of development should be to improve quality of life and welfare of members of society to a level where everyone can enjoy and exercise their human rights and freedoms, sustainably. In this sense, I share the vision of development as…

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