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Lawyers Alert hosted Open Society Foundations (OSF) representatives at their field office in April 2024. The meeting was to engage with Lawyers Alert regarding the socio-political context of interventions around key areas the foundation is re-strategizing to engage in. The key areas include public safety in the Sahel, violence reduction, accountability in military spending/police reforms, and institutional growth opportunities over the next five years.

The proposed intervention, spanning Africa, the Middle East, and the Caribbean, aims to address how authoritarian governments exploit power to violate rights, particularly in the aftermath of conflicts like the Ends SARs conflict in Nigeria. The initiative necessitates assessing the effectiveness of existing strategies, pinpointing areas requiring enhancement, and delving into potential avenues for change in Nigeria within the OSF's priority areas.

Rommy Mom President of Lawyers Alert, and select team members welcomed the OSF representatives. The meeting strengthened the partnership between Lawyers Alert and the OSF, marking another significant milestone in their collaboration.

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