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Lawyers Alert monitors and documents human rights violations, as well as provides free legal assistance to women and girls in Nigeria. We are aware of the violation of the rights of women during the lockdown associated with COVID-19 as evidenced in the media, both social and traditional. Several human rights agencies, including the National Human Rights Commission, has documented several of this.

Lawyers Alert in partnership with UAFA is conducting a fact-finding exercise of experiences of women during the lockdown owing to COVID-19 vis-à-vis human rights. In this regard, Lawyers Alert is desirous of harvesting inputs from women in Nigeria on their experiences during the lockdown to be shared with relevant agencies and ministries. We will go beyond fact-finding, documentation, and linking up with relevant government agencies to rendering free legal services for remedies and psychosocial support where necessary.

To this end, Lawyers Alert is calling for complaints and memos from women and women groups who have suffered human rights violations, by state and non-state agencies in any form associated with the COVID-19 lockdown. Complaints can equally be submitted by women groups, women organizations, and stakeholders.

Complaints should be submitted in the following format: I. Addressed to Lawyers Alert and Attention the Director of Programs, 21B Democracy Crescent, Gaduwa Estate, Gudu District, Abuja, FCT. II. Memos should be headed COVID-19 COMPLAINTS III. Name of Complainant or group, contact address, street and phone IV. Date and location of the incident, a summary of facts, and desired remedy including likely witnesses in not more than three pages. V. A soft copy of Memoranda should be forwarded to, CC: VI. Memoranda should be submitted within 2 weeks of this publication as acceptance of the same closes by 5th August 2020.


Management. +2348099937318, +2348099936345

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