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Free HIV testing for homosexuals

Free testing for homosexuals will have positive steps in societies that are tolerant to gays. In Africa this is rarely the case. Education, advocacy and tolerance is cardinal before the issue of free testing, cause like positive persons in the yore, Gays will hardly come out. This is sad cause the reality is Gays are part of the society and the fight against AIDS is won by half where a group of the community members are excluded

To be gay is never a choice, but one is never exempt from risks. These risks may include discrimination, abuse, violence, and of course HIV-AIDS.

HIV-AIDS has mainly been attributed to gays since time immemorial. Though one can counter this notion by justifying that such disease is not merely surrounding the LGBT community alone, the stereotype still lingers, and the best that can be done is to prevent and make people aware.

Providing free testing to homosexuals has more likely been a privilege. It has catered to those who are at risk and who may need guidance in the lifestyle they have. Testing does not only involve getting the results handed solely, but there is counseling involved that will provide awareness to those who are being tested. Love Yourself Hub is one that will provides such service. What is good about this is that there is that sense of acceptance…

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