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The Problem of Guantanamo Bay

The Debate on Guantanamo Bay will not lapse so long as the acclaimed bastion of Human Rights, the US, continues to treat the issue with so much colour of grey.

Guantanamo Bay Detention Center (or GTMO /Gitmo) tends to stay outside of the limelight. Which is where it likes it. Located on the southern tip of Cuba, Guantanamo Bay Naval Base is the only military base located in a country that the USA does not have diplomatic relations with.

The History

Way back in the day, America wrested control of Cuba from the Spanish during the Spanish-American War (1898). The USA then proceeded to sign a treaty with the first president of Cuba in 1903 that gave them an open-ended lease on the Guantanamo Bay area (an excellent harbor). The United States was given absolute control over the area, but still recognizes that Cuba holds ultimate sovereignty. We’re basically renting the property except for the fact that Cuba, the landlord, is virtually unable to kick us out for several reasons that I won’t be going in to. For decades we…

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