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Covid-19 National Response: The Need for Government to Impose the Use of Face Mask in Public Places

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic that has affected Nigeria and the world at large, there is the need for governments across the world to explore all possible options to curb the spread. The outbreak of the virus has been responsible for the loss of lives and means of livelihood across the world. Further, it goes with the saying that the pandemic has negatively affected the economy of both developed and under-developed countries.

Owing to its nature and way of transmission, there has been a daily upsurge in the documented cases of the Coronavirus. In the past, there has been the imposition of compulsory lock down of state borders, country airports and even bans on interstate travels across the world because it was discovered that people are more exposed to the risk of infection in crowded places. There is rarely no citizen who has not experienced its own share of the pandemic. Interestingly, series of researches and findings by experts has revealed that the use of face masks and hand sanitizers would reduce the transmission of the virus.

At the moment, the risk of not wearing facemask in shops, schools, airports, places of worship, markets and other public places is very high as the mode of infection by droplets during talking, sneezing, coughing on surfaces and goods can lead to infection and further spread as someone touches same surface.

Another fact is, the Government of Nigeria and its citizens has expended so much resources on the treatments of COVID-19 patients, purchase of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and other safety measures towards curbing the spread of the virus. These situations, without doubt, have affected the Nation’s resources and could continually eat deep into it if national responses or policies are not put in place.

Covid-19 pandemic is no doubt a human rights issue which if not effectively checked can annihilate a large proportion of the world’s population. In line with the recommendation from the World Health Organization (WHO) on the COVID-19 regulations use of face masks especially for those exhibiting signs of the virus, such as coughing, high temperature, fever, etc., it is important that Nigerians comply with all relevant recommendations for public.

The significance use of face masks will help to curb the spread of COVID-19 if adhered to, so there is need for the Federal Government to impose its usage on Nigerians especially in public places. The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 and other relevant Stakeholders to facilitate the awareness of the use of face masks in public spaces towards protection of self and the society at public spaces.


Lawyers Alert hereby puts our readers on notice that this article is based on the writer’s opinion and do not necessarily represent the views of the organization except otherwise stated.

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