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Nigeria Civil Society Advocacy Points on the 2017 Budget Proposals

*Ministries, Departments and Agencies5Create a health basket fund from bilateral and multilateral funding for the health sector within the 2017 budget, to provide a single conduit for investments in the health sector, enabling coordination, monitoring and auditing of budget performance.The federal government does not maintain a transparent donor basket, which is a critical component that should make funding of bilateral and multilateral commitments seamless and transparent.6Increase domestic funding for HIV/AIDS in the 2017 budget, with similar incremental increases over the next 4 years, to achieve 45% domestic funding for HIV/AIDS by 2020.Total allocations across MDAs and NACA stands at N5.86bn. This shows significant interest from a very low level. However, allocations to NACA stagnated from 2016. The current treatment gap in Nigeria and the budget aspiration are quite far apart.

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