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Impunity is a global problem. It’s utterly pervasive. It can be found anywhere in the world and it can take many forms. Whether it’s a case of a classroom bully or a corrupt dictator, when impunity reigns – when people in a society feel free to act without fear of consequences – some use that freedom to hurt others.

This year IFEX Global Network  is running its third annual International Day to End Impunity campaign from the 1st to 23rd of November 2013. IFEX  Global network comprises over 80 organizations working in more than 60 countries around the world

This year’s campaign includes calls for actions to be taken now in support of five courageous individuals: Yorm Bopha, a Cambodian human rights activist repeatedly threatened, beaten and currently in prison for peacefully protesting against land grabs; Eren Keskin, a rights defender in Turkey threatened and shot at while seeking justice for women who have been raped and tortured; Doaa Eladl, an Egyptian cartoonist threatened for creating cartoons which have been deemed blasphemous; Martin Pallares, an Ecuadorean journalist threatened for reporting on government corruption; and Rommy Mom, a lawyer in Nigeria fighting for government transparency and accountability, who has had to flee his home following death threats and a public denunciation over the radio by the governor of the state.

It is in furtherance of the above that Lawyers Alert holds a Conference tomorrow, Tuesday 19th November 2013  “Impunity, Justice Sector and democracy in Nigeria”  at the Nigeria Union of Journalist House, NUJ, Makurdi.

Speaker will be Professor Okpeh O Okpeh of the Benue Sttae University, while the State Chairman of the Nigeria Bar Association, Barrister T Igba will discuss the paper alongside an imminent panel of Discussants.

How has impunity within the Courts, Police, Prison, and Ministry of Justice etc impacted especially negatively on our democracy?  Your attendance and participation will greatly enrich the discussion and be helpful as the report will be widely disseminated

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